Amasong Chorus singers practicing

Amasong Chorus singers performing

The first video to document the growing subculture of lesbian and gay singing choruses, THE AMASONG CHORUS: SINGING OUT chronicles the rise of one small-town lesbian/feminist chorus.

In 1991, tired and frustrated with political activism, music student and out lesbian Kristina Boerger decided to form a lesbian chorus in central Illinois, an area best known for corn, soybeans, and as a conservative Republican stronghold. Assembling a rag-tag group of women -- some couldn't even sing -- she formed Amasong, and gave it a shot.

THE AMASONG CHORUS: SINGING OUT is a one-hour documentary that tells the inspiring story of this small town lesbian/feminist chorus, and how the beauty of their music comes to win acceptance from a conservative community. As we watch the group grow into a nationally recognized, award-winning ensemble, THE AMASONG CHORUS: SINGING OUT shows how one person's spirit and dedication can help transform a community.

It's an outstanding video about community and music, perfect for courses in Women's Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Music, and Sociology.