In Whose Honor?


NEW! (April 6, 2024) "In Whose Honor?" Director Jay Rosenstein speaks about his 30 year history with "In Whose Honor?" and fighting against Native sports mascots. (story) (saved copy)

"In Whose Honor?" Director Jay Rosenstein looks at the changes in the mascot landscape after the first anniversary of the NFL's Washington team dropping their nickname, in a University of Illinois Q & A (Sept. 20, 2021). (saved copy)

"In Whose Honor?" Director Jay Rosenstein explains the significance of the NFL's Washington team dropping their nickname in a University of Illinois Q & A (July 21, 2020). (saved copy)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "THE CHIEF IS NOT COMING BACK."
- University of Ilinois Chancellor Robert Jones

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PLEASE READ my Huffington Post essay about the results of the recent Washington Post poll about the Washington Rdskins 
"This story is about more than an inappropriate mascot. It’s about culture, identity and how we are all capable of making a real difference."
-Eric Kaler, President, University of Minnesota
(Read President Kaler's complete comments)

“A fascinating case study of free speech and culture clash.”
-the Tampa Tribune

"A graphic and eloquent examination of racism in sports and so called 'higher education'. Catching bigotry at its most virulent, this film requires no interpretation - it speaks directly to the problems without blinking. A masterpiece of camera art and realism."
-(the late) Vine Deloria, Jr.
Professor of Native American History
University of Colorado, Boulder

“This film is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to understand the plight of Native Americans today.”
-John Lewis Orendorff
Los Angeles Am. Indian Education Commission

“Powerful in showing the struggles of Native American groups, and the reactions of those who don’t understand what is so wrong with the Cleveland Indians logo, the name Washington Redskins, and others.”
-Chicago Tribune

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