University of Illinois Chief Illini mascot

Charlene Teeters holding protest sign

Written and produced
Jay Rosenstein


Tony Baylis
Jeff Carpenter
Terry Henricks
Joe Harmon
Ian Mitchell
Bill Poorman
Jay Rosenstein
Mark Williams
Chris Zollars


Native Flute Music written and performed
Bill Miller
from "Loon, Mountain, and Moon"


Production Assistance
Colleen Bushell
Gail Hug
Casey Smith


Jay Rosenstein

Additional footage courtesy of
Don Messec
Seminole Productions


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thanks to Jack Kelly


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Illini Media Company
thanks to Jim McKellar


Jeff Stahler cartoon reprinted by permission of

Newspaper Enterprise Assoc., Inc.


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Tony Baylis
Bob Burwell
County Market
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Rachel Field
Joe Gone
Mark Hermann
Gail Hug
Vince Jurgens
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Jack Kelly
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James McConnell
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Mary Kate Mendoza
Bill Miller
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Tony Rodriquez
Bryan Savage
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Lex Tate
Julie Wurth


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The Center For New Television
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