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Chronological List of Schools and Other Organizations That Have Dropped Native American Mascots, 1969 - present

American Indian Mascot & Nickname Changes
Compiled by Jay Rosenstein, Professor, University of Illinois, with assistance from Research Assistant Jordan Goldberg.
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1969, Oct. 12 – Dartmouth College, originally founded to educate American Indians, changes from the Indians to Big Green.
1970, April 17 – University of Oklahoma drops Little Red mascot.
1971 – Marquette University (WI) abolishes Willie Wampum mascot.
1971 – Mankato State College (MN) drops Indian caricature mascot.
1971 – University of Nebraska, Omaha (NE) changes from Indians to Mavericks.
1972, March 2 – Stanford University changes from Indians to Cardinal and drops Prince Lightfoot mascot.
1972 – Dickinson State University (ND) changes from Savages to Blue Hawks.
1973 -- Eastern Washington University changes from Savages to the Eagles.
1977, July, 1 -- Mankato State University changes from Indians to the Mavericks.
1978 – Syracuse University (NY) drops Saltine Warrior mascot.
1980 – Southern Oregon State University drops Red Raiders motif.
1987-88 – St. John’s University (NY) drops caricature logo and mascot.
1988 – Siena College (NY) changes from Indians to Saints.
1988 – Saint Mary’s College (Minn) changes from Red Men to Cardinals.
1988, Dec. 14 -- Lowell High School (San Francisco, CA) ordered to change 60-year-old mascot and logo, the Indian, by San Francisco's School Superintendent Ramon Cortines by the following year, despite a vote of 86% of Lowell students in favor of keeping mascot and logo. (story)
1989 – Montclair State College (NJ) drops nickname and mascot.
1989 -- Tamalpais High School (Mill Valley, CA) changes from Indians to Red Tailed Hawks. Members of the student body petitioned for the mascot change with the encouragement of local Apache resident Sacheen Littlefeather, who gained fame by representing Marlon Brando at the Acacemy Awards when he won the Best Actor Oscar in 1973. (logo from yearbook)
1989, Oct. 13 – Bradley University (IL) drops mascot and replaces Indian caricature logo.
1991, Feb. – Eastern Michigan University changes from Hurons to Eagles on recommendation of a state civil rights commission. (In 2012, the university president put Hurons logo back on band uniforms, but they were removed again in 2015 by the new interim president due to protests from Native Americans.)
1992 – Naperville Central High School (IL) drops nickname Redskins.
1992 -- Simpson College (IA) changes from Redmen to Storm.
1993 – Arkansas State University drops Runnin’ Joe mascot.
1993 - Arvada High School (CO) changes from Redskins to Reds.
1993, April 9 – University of Wisconsin passes a resolution refusing to play non-conference games against teams with Indian nicknames.
1993, Nov. 2 – Bradley University (IL) adopts Bobcats mascot and drops all Indian references in its logo, but keeps nickname Braves.
1994, April – University of Iowa bans the University of Illinois mascot, Chief Illiniwek and announces it won’t schedule games with teams with Indian mascots.
1994, May 2 – Juanita College (PA) changes from Indians to Eagles. According to committee chair Charles C. Brown, Jr., “the utilization of a cultural stereotype as a mascot is inconsistent with the educational mission of the college.”
1994, May 3 – Marquette University (WI) changes from Warriors to Golden Eagles.
1994, June 6 – St. John’s University (NY) changes from Redmen to Red Storm.
1994, Dec. 8 – University of Southern Colorado drops Indian mascot after 57 years.
1994 (?) – Montclair State College (NJ) changes from Indians to Red Hawks,
1996, March 31 – Newton High School (Conn) announces they will drop their Indian mascot.
1996, July 3 – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga drops mascot, Chief Moccanooga.
1996, Sept. 26 – Miami of Ohio University votes 7-1 to drop nickname Redskins after being used for 68 years.
1997 -- Marist High School (IL) changed from Redskins to Redhawks.
1997, Dec. 9 -- Frontier Regional High School (South Deerfield, MA) drops "Redskins" on a 5-4 vote by Frontier Regional School Committee. Adopts "Redhawks" in 2000.
1998, March 20 – Yakima Valley Community College (WA) drops Indian nickname.
1998, April 7 – Federal judge in Los Angeles upholds district policy banning Indian mascots at all of its schools.
1998, April 22 – Southern Nazarene University (OK) changes from Redskins to Crimson Storm. According to the school’s president “with the increased attention in the country to do it, we just did not want to be the last to make a change, and I feel eventually most schools with that kind of mascot or nickname will do.”
1999. March 5 – Indiana University of Pennsylvania announces it will retain nickname Indians, but change mascot to a black bear.
1999, March 5 – Erwin High School, Asheville, NC discontinues calling girl’s teams Squaws, but retains Warriors nickname.
1999 – Since 1991, 25 Wisconsin schools have eliminated Indian mascots or nicknames; 43 remain.
1999, June – Seattle University (WA) changes from Chieftains to Redhawks and drops its Indian head logo.
2000, Sept. 22 – Scarborough (Maine) High School drops nickname Redskins.
2000, Oct. 17 – Niles West High School (IL) drops nickname Indians.
2000 – Millard South High School, Omaha (NE) changes from Indians to Patriots.
2001, May 10 – Southwestern College (CA) changes mascot from Apache to Jaguar.
2001. May 21 – Woonsocket High School (SD) votes to drop Redmen nickname and mascot by 3-2 board vote.
2001. May 25 - San Diego State University (CA) drops Montey Montezuma mascot.
2001. May 27 – Parsippany High School (NJ) changes from Redskins to Redhawks.
2001, June 10 – Saranac Lake High School (NY) changes from Redskins to Red Storm by 6-1 school board vote.
2001, June 13 – Canastota High School (NY) drops Indian mascot by 6-0 board vote.
2001, June 20 – Ball-Chatham school board (IL) votes 5-2 to get rid of Indian mascots and nicknames in district schools. Chatham Glenwood High School changes to Titans from Redskins, and Glenwood Junior High no longer Braves.
2001, July 11 --West Seattle High School (WA) drops nickname Indians.
2001, July 19 – Georgetown High School (SC) drops Waccamaw Warriors symbol.
2001, July 25 – Maryland State School Board passes resolution opposing Indian mascots by 10-2 vote.
2001, August – Bloomington High School (IL) eliminates "Raiders" Native American mascot. Team nickname remains the Purple Raiders.
2001, August 15 – Colgate University drops word “Red” from “Red Raiders” nickname.
2001, August 29 -- Montgomery School Board (Maryland), largest school system in the state, bans Indian mascots, logos, and nicknames by 7-1 vote. Included is Poolesville High School, which was the Indians. Montgomery Village Middle School had voluntarily stopped using the nickname Warriors.
2002, Feb. 25 – Milford High School (MI) drops Redskins.
2004, July 6 – Ottawa Hills High School (MI) drops Indian mascot.
2004, July 12 – Rice Memorial High School (VT) retires “Little Indian” mascot.
2004, Nov. 8 – Southeast Missouri State changes from Indians to Redhawks.
2005, May 3 -- Stonehill College (Easton, MA) changes from Chieftans to Skyhawks.
2005, Sept. 23 – Old Town High School (Maine) drops Indian nickname.
2005, Oct. 10 – Carthage College changes from Redmen to Red Men. NCAA removes them from list.
2005, Oct. 10 – Midwestern State University drops Indians. NCAA removes them from list.
2006, Jan. 8 – West Georgia University changes from Braves to Wolves.
2006, Jan. 20 – Southeastern Oklahoma State University changes from Savages to Savage Storm.
2006, Jan. 26 – Chowan College (NC) drops Braves nickname and mascot.
2006. Jan. 30 – Muscatine Community College (Iowa) drops Indians nickname and mascot.
2006, March 23 – Kelseyville High School (CA) drops “Indians” nickname, and Mountain Vista Middle School (CA) drops “Braves” nickname.
2006, April 8 – University of Louisiana-Monroe changes from Indians to Warhawks after being one of 18 schools on the NCAA list. References to the campus as “the Reservation” also stopped.
2006, May 23 -- Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) announces it will discontinue the use of its Redmen mascot in response to the NCAA policy. Announces its new name and mascot as RiverHawks on 11/14/06. Tahlequah is the home city of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. (story) (alt. copy of story).
2006, Oct. 10 – College of William and Mary (VA) announces it will remove two feathers from its logo to comply with NCAA rule.
2006, Oct. 20 – Tomah (WI) School Board drops Indian mascot and logo by 4-1 board vote.
2006, Nov. 12 – Newberry College (SC) drops Indian nickname. NCAA removes them from banned list.
2006, Dec. 14 – Ypsilanti High School (MI) drops nickname Braves on a 4-3 board vote.
2007, Jan. 19 – Salesian High School (CA) changes from Chieftains to Pride.
2007, Feb. 17 -- the University of Illinois Board of Trustees announces it will remove Chief Illiniwek from performing at athletic events after Feb. 21, 2007.
2007, March 13 -- the University of Illinois Board of Trustees passes a resolution officially eliminating Chief Illiniwek, discontinuing the use of its Chief head logo, regalia, and the names "Chief Illiniwek" and "Chief." It passes by a 9-1 vote.
2015, March 17 -- Lancaster High School (Lancaster, NY) drops nickname Redskins. Later adopts nickname of Legends.
2015, May 22 -- Capitol Hill High School (Oklahoma City, OK) selects Red Wolves to replace Redskins, which had been used for 88 years. School Board had voted unanimously to drop Redskins in December. (story)
2015, May 26 -- Madison (WI) School Board bans students from wearing clothing with Native American sports logos or mascots.
2015, Oct. 11 -- California passes and Governor Jerry Brown signs the "California Racial Mascots Act" which bans schools from using the name and mascot "Redskins" effective Jan.1, 2017.
2015, Dec. 18 -- Fort Wayne North Side High School (Fort Wayne, IN) announces its new nickname will be Legends after a student vote. Earlier in the summer, the Board of School Trustees voted to change from Redskins, the school's name since it opened in 1927. A spokeswoman for Fort Wayne Community Schools said "the name was never meant to be offensive, but public perception of the name had changed," and no longer reflected the school's core values. (story) (saved copy of story).
2016, Feb. 12 -- Tulare Union High School (Tulare, CA) announces it will pick a new mascot to replace Redskins in order to comply with new CA state law. School later becomes the Tribe, but maintains all its Native American imagery. (story) (saved copy of story).
2016 -- Onteora High School (Boiceville, NY) changes from Indians to Eagles.
2017, Feb. 15 -- Turners Falls High School (MA) drops Indians nickname, logo, and mascot by 6-3 School Board vote. In 2018 become the Thunder.
2017, March 3 -- Belding Area Schools (Belding, MI) announces it will become the Black Knights, after the Redskins mascot was dropped in December. (story)
2018, April 27 -- Estelline School District (Estelline, SD) drops Redmen mascot.
2018, May 1 -- Maine West High School (Des Plaines, IL) drops Warrior mascot.
2018, June 13 -- Wells High School (Wells, ME) drops all Native imagery including Warrior head logo, but keep nickname Warriors, by 6-0 School Board vote.
2019, Feb. 6 -- Cedar High School (Cedar City, Utah) drops nickname and mascot Redmen. Students replace it with Reds.
2019, March 11 -- Skowhegan High School (ME) drops the name Indians after a weighted vote of 558 to 441 at a special meeting of the SAD 54 School Board. (story) On Oct. 9, 2020, the school announces its new mascot and name will be the River Hawks. (story)
2019, April 12 -- McGill University (Montreal, Canada) drops nickname Redmen.
2019, April 17 -- Fairview Park City Schools (Ohio) changes logo and eliminated feathered arrowhead-tipped spear with a gladiator. Keeps nickname Warriors.
2019, April 17 -- Sequoia High School (Redwood City, CA) changes from Cherokee to Ravens. Cherokee mascot had been eliminated in 2002.
2019, April 27 -- Armijo High School (Fairfield, CA) changes nickname from Indians.
2019, May 13 -- City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada removes all indigenous themed imagery from all sports.
2019, May 16 -- STATE of MAINE becomes the first state to outlaw all Native American sports mascots in its public schools when Governor signs bill. (story) (saved copy of story)
2019, June 11 -- Hillsborough County Public Schools (Tampa, FL) eliminates all Native American school nicknames, impacting five elementary and one middle school.
2019, Jume 19 -- Riverview High School (Cape Brenton, N.S., Canada) drops Redmen nickname.
2019, June 24 -- Manchester High School (Manchester, CT) changes from Indians to Redhawks.
2019, July 4 -- Copper Cliff Minor Hockey Association (Sudbury, Ontario Canada) changes from Redmen to Reds and drops logo that was identitcal to that of the Chicago Blackhawks.
2019, July 17 -- Teton High School (Driggs, ID) votes to drop nickname Redskins.
2019, July 26 -- Killingly High School (Killingly, CT) drops nickname Redmen.
2019, Aug. 12 -- Boise High School (Boise, ID) changes nickname from Braves to Brave by unanimous approval of school board.
2019, Nov. 8 -- John Jay High School (Katonah, NY) retires Indians mascot.
2019, Nov. 22 -- Ramay Jr. High School (Fayetteville, Ark.) changes from Indians to Red Wolves.
2019, Dec. 9 -- Menomonee Falls High School (Menomonee, WI) drops Indians logo by 5-2 Board vote.
2020, Feb. 28 -- South San Francisco High School (CA) drops Warriors logo and mascot at request of students, who gathered 400 student signatures.
2020, March 10 -- Paw Paw (Michigan) School Board votes to eliminate "Redskins" nickname by vote of 6 - 1.
2020, May 2 -- STATE of WISCONSIN passes a bill creating a system that allows residents of a school district to challenge school team names, mascots and logos. Once a residents complains, a hearing with the state schools superintendent would be initiated to determine if the name, logo, or mascot promotes discrimination, harassment, or stereotyping. If found to be the case, the school would be required to change. A school could keep its team name if the name was that of a federally recognized tribe and the tribe had consented to use of the name. (story) (saved copy of story).
2020, May 17 -- The Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District (Galesville, WI) will no longer use the Redmen nickname or the logo of an Indian in headdress, following a 7-2 vote by the school board last week. (story) (saved copy of story).
2020, May 19 -- RHAM High School (Hebron, CT) announces it will become the Raptors, eliminating its mascot that referenced the Chief of the Algonquin. A student-led initiative had tried to drop the mascot in 2014, but was unsuccessful. (story)
2020, May 20 -- Auburndale School District (Wisconsin) chooses Eagles to replace Apaches.
2020, June 23 -- Roseville School Board (MN) adopts policy prohibiting clothing that depicts Native American stereotypes. (link to press release) (saved copy of press release)
2020, June 23 -- Newington High School (CT) will begin process of moving toward replacing its Indians mascot, announces the School Board. Imagery that is not permanent is to be removed immediately. (story). On April 9, 2021, Nor'easters is chosen as the school's new mascot. (story)
2020, June 29 -- Guilford Board of Education (CT) votes to drop the Indian nickname and mascot from their Public Schools.
2020, July 1 -- Shady Side Academy (Pittsburgh, PA) drops Indians as mascot and name competitive teams. (link to letter)
2020, July 1 -- Nashoba Regional High School (Bolton, MA) to replace "Chieftains" on unanimous School Committee vote.
2020, July 1 -- Norwalk High School (Norwalk, IA) will retain Warriors name but eliminate all Native American imagery. (story)
2020, July 2 -- Anderson High School (OH) drops Redskins mascot and nickname by 4-1 vote of Forest Hills School Board.
2020, July 13 -- The Washington NFL Team announces it will replace its longtime nickname Redskins after decades of controversy. (saved copy of press release)
2020, July 15 -- Peru Central High School (Peru, NY) drops Indians name. Becomes Nighthawks in 2021. (story) (saved copy of story).
2020, July 16 -- Edmonton (Canada) CFL team announces it will change their name from Eskimos. (saved copy of press release)
2020, July 17 -- Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company announces it will drop its Indian head logo, which was first adopted in 1950. (saved copy of press release)
2020, July 20 -- Clinton High School (Clinton, MI) drops nickname Redskins on unanimous vote by the Board of Education.
2020, July 22 -- The Pascack Valley Regional High School District Board of Education votes unanimously to retire the Indians mascot at Pascack Valley High School. Panthers is named as the new team name on March 8, 2021. (story) (saved copy of story)
2020, July 28 -- Winton Woods High School (Cincinnati, OH) retires Warriors mascot and logo on unanimous vote by Board of Education.
2020, July 28 -- Winchester High School (Winchester, MA) retires Sachem Indian head logo on unanimous vote by school committee after a five hour meeting. (story)
2020, July 31 -- Leinenkugel Beer company announces it will retire the Native American woman on its logo. (story) (saved copy of story)
2020, Aug. 4 -- Cincinnati Country Day School (OH), a private preK-12 school, changes from Indian mascot on vote of Board of Trustees. Will select a new mascot during 2020-21 school year. (story)
2020, Aug. 5 -- Barnstable High School (Hyannis, MA) drops Red Raider mascot, nickname, and logo after students had requested it at the School Committee's June meeting. The vote was 3-0 with 2 abstentions. (story)
2020, Aug. 6 -- Thunderbird High School (Phoenix, AZ) drops Chiefs nickname, mascot, and logo by unanimous vote (5-0) of Glendale Union High School District Board. (story)
2020, Aug. 6 -- Lane Tech High School (Chicago, IL) drops Native American symbol as school's mascot on unanimous vote of the Lane Tech Local School Council after they had conducted a 4 week evaluation process. (Facebook post from school)
2020, Aug. 11 -- Braintree High School (Braintree, MA) drops all Native imagery and Native logo associated with its Wamps nickname. (story)
2020, Aug. 11 -- Nyack High School (Nyack, NY) drops Indians nickname on unanimous vote by School Board. (story)
2020, Aug. 14 -- Petoskey Public Schools (Petoskey, MI) announce they will be removing the Native logo from all district use by unanimous vote of Petoskey School Board. (story)
2020, Aug. 18 -- Saugatuck High School (Saugatuck, MI) School Board votes unanimously to drop Indians mascot and team name. Selects Trailblazers as new mascot on Feb. 23, 2021. (story)
2020, Aug. 18 -- Glastonbury High School (Glastonbury, CT) drops Tomahawk name and mascot by 7-1 Board of Education vote. (story)
2020, Sept. 14 -- La Veta High School (La Veta, CO) drops Redskins mascot by 3-1 La Veta School Board vote. On Jan. 6, 2021, selected Redhawks as new mascot and team name by 3-2 school board vote. (story)
2020, Sept. 16 -- Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 Board of Trustees vote 5-1 to drop Indians mascot at Pocatello High School (Pocatello, ID) at end of 2021 school year. (story)
2020, Sept. 22 -- Henderson High School (West Chester, PA) keeps Warriors nickname but drops all Native references and imagery. (story)
2020, Oct. 13 -- Marion High School (Marion, IA) drops Indians mascot by 5-2 vote of Marion Independent School District. Change to take effect July 31, 2021. (story)
2020, Oct. 21 -- Rutland High School (Rutland, VT) drops Raiders name and arrowhead logo by 6-4 vote of Board of School Commissioners. Select Ravens as new name on Feb. 4, 2021. (story)
2020, Nov. 8 -- Athol High School (Athol, MA) drops Red Raider mascot and synbol by 8-0 vote by Athol Royalston Regional School District School Committee. (story)
2020, Nov. 10 -- Union Public Schools (Tulsa, OK) drops Redskins mascot and team name by unanimous vote by Union School Board. RedHawks is later selected as new name by student vote. (story)
2020, Nov. 30 -- Bountiful High School (Bountiful, UT) drops Braves mascot and team name. Announces a new mascot will be in place for the start of the next school year. (story)
2020, Dec. 8 -- Farmington High School (Farmington, CT) drops Indians name by unanimous school board vote. (press release)
2020, Dec. 14 -- The Cleveland Indians MLB team announces it is dropping its team name after decades of protests. (official team statement)
2021, Jan. 26 -- Watertown High School (Watertown, CT) annouces it will retire Indians nickname. The Watertown Board of Education voted 4-3 with one abstention. The retirement is to take place no later than July 1, 2022. (story)
2021, Jan. 26 -- Shawnee Mission North High School (Overland, KS) drops Indians name and mascot by unanimous school board vote of Shawnee Mission School Board. Change affects 3 elementary schools as well. High School becomes Bisons in May. (story)
2021, Feb. 8 -- Wichita North High School (Wichita, KS) drops Redskins name and mascot by unanimous school board vote. (story)
2021, Feb. 16 -- LaCrosse Central High School (LaCrosse, WI) changes from Red Raiders to RiverHawks. (story)
2021, Mar. 15 -- Gar-Field High School (Woodbridge, VA) announces it will drop Indians mascot due to a request from student leaders. (story) June 10, select Red Wolves as new name. (story)
2021, Mar. 24 -- Danville High School (Danville, VT) announces it will drop Indians nickname. (story)
2021, April 1 -- The Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Team announces a ban on fans wearing headdresses or face paint at games.(story)
2021, April 14 -- Bellefonte Area High School (Bellefonte, PA) announces it will drop Red Raiders logo and nickname on a 8-1 vote of Board of Directors. School had dropped mascot in the late 1990s. (story)
2021, April 16 -- Susquehannock High School (Glen Rock, PA) announces it will drop logo and mascot on a 7-2 vote of the School Board. Will keep Warriors nickname. (story)
2021, April 26 -- STATE of WASHINGTON, Governor Jay Inslee signs law prohibiting Native American names, logos, mascots in all public schools. HB 1356, passed House by 92-5 bipartisan vote, and Senate by 40-9 vote. (bill details) (story)
2021, May 24 -- Okemos High School (Okemos, MI) will drop its Chiefs nickname and logo on a unanimous vote by the Okemos Public Schools Board of Education. Debate over the logo first began in 1989. (story)
2021, June 4 -- STATE of COLORADO, Bill banning Native mascots passes legislature and signed into law by Governor Jared Polis. SB21-116, passes House (40-24-1), Senate (20-4-1). (bill details) (story) (saved copy of text of bill) (saved copy of story).
2021, June 6 -- STATE of NEVADA becomes the 3rd state to ban Native mascots in its public schools as Gov. Steve Sisolak signs Assembly Bill 88 into law. The legislation applies to public schools and charters, universities and community colleges. Exceptions can be made only with tribal approval. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, June 23 -- Camanche High School (Camanche, IA) selects Storm to replace Indians, which had been voted out after 60 years in March on a 5-1 School Board vote. Requests to retire the Indians name had been supported in a letter from the Meskwaki Nation and Oneida Nation in Wisconsin. (story)
2021, June 24 -- Ygnacio Valley High School (Concord, CA) will no longer be the Warriors on unanimous vote by Mt. Diablo School Board. (story)
2021, June 28 -- STATE of CONNECTICUT Governor Ned Lamont signs bill that will strip 12 local communities of state funds if they keep names or images appropriating Native American culture. Bill was written in response to requests from all five tribal governments in the state. Communities could keep imagery if they can get a written resolution from a local tribal council. "It can't be just one person saying 'this is okay'," according to the bill's sponsor. Takes effect next year. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, June 30 -- Radnor High School and Middle School (Radnor Twnshp, PA) selects Rapters to replace Raiders, which had used Native imagery. Raiders name and Native imagery was retired in Sept., 2020 to "foster a more inclusive community." (story)
2021, July 1 -- Vivian Riddle Elementary School (Lansing, MI) changes from Little Reds to the Riddle Rhinos. (story)
2021, July 6 -- Cheyenne Mountain High School (Colorado Springs, CO) selects Red-Tailed Hawk as new mascot to replace Indians. The school would have had to change mascots eventually anyway under new Colorado law. (story)
2021, July 12 -- Oklahoma School for the Deaf (Sulphur, OK) selects Bisons as new mascot to replace Indians. Unanimous vote approving the change by the Commission for Rehabilitation Services, under which the school is a division. (story)
2021, July 14 -- The Winterhawks hockey team of the Portland (OR) Western Hockey League replaces its former logo - identical to the Chicago Blackhawks - with non-Native themed imagery. (story)
2021, July 14 -- Manual High School (Indianapolis, IN) drops Redskins when its athletic program merges with Christel House charter high school. New team name is Eagles. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, July 14 -- North Haven High School (North Haven, CT) drops Indians mascot on unanimous vote of the North Haven Board of Education. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, July 19 -- Lemont High School (Lemont, IL) drops Indians nickname by unanimous, 7-0 vote of District 210 School Board. School had previously been the Injuns until approximately 2000. (story)
2021, July 23 -- Cleveland Major League Baseball Team announces their new name will be the Guardians. National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) statement on the new name. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland's statement (saved copy of statement) on the new name. Cleveland Indigenous Coalition statement (saved copy of statement).
2021, July 29 -- Seneca School Board (Seneca, WI) votes 6-0 to retire the school's Indian mascot and Indians name. (story)
2021, July 30 -- Kansas City Chiefs NFL Team announces it will retire its mascot, a horse named "Warpaint." (story)
2021, August 4 -- Washington NFL Team announces Native American inspired headdresses and face paint worn by fans will be banned under the new stadium policy. (story) (ESPN story)
2021, August 6 -- Camanche School District (Camanche, IA) officially become the Storm after dropping their Indian mascot by a 5-1 vote of School Board in March. (story)
2021, August 25 -- Cambridge Central School (Cambridge, NY) will not have a nickname or mascot this year after NY State Education Commission Betty Rosa issued a stay on a July 8 school board vote to reinstate the Indian nickname and mascot. The board had voted on June 17 to retire the Indian nickname and mascot by a 3-2 vote. That decision was reversed on July 8, also by a 3-2 vote, when a new member joined the school board. (story)
2021, August 26 -- Ohio State "Reps. Adam Miller (D-Columbus) and Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) introduced a resolution encouraging Ohio’s schools to retire the use of Native American mascots and to engage Native American groups as part of that process." (story)
2021, August 26 -- Cuyahoga Heights High School (Cuyahoga Heights, OH) drops its longtime nickname Redskins by a 5-0 vote of school board. Teams will now be known as the Heights. (story)
2021, Oct 15 -- Frederick High School (Longmont, CO) drops nickname Warriors and becomes the Golden Eagles, fulfilling the change madated by the new Colorado state law. (story)
2021, Nov. 1 -- Saranac Community Schools (Saranac, MI) annouces it will retire its Redskins team name and mascot. "The Saranac Board of Education voted unanimously to 'respectfully retire the Redskin mascot' during an Oct. 27 board meeting," according to a Facebook post from the school. (story)
2021, Nov. 8 -- UC Hastings College of Law (San Francisco, CA) Board of Directors vote to drop the name of its founder, Serranus Clinton Hastings, who promoted genocide against California Natives. However, because the name is codified in state law, legislation will be required to formally change it. (story)
2021, Nov. 15 -- Mason City School District (Mason City, IA) drops nickname Mohawks and become Mason City. Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in New York asked school board to stop using the nickname. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, Nov. 17 -- Bethel High School (Spanaway, WA) drops Braves mascot and becomes Bisons. According to a newspaper story, "A committee of students, staff and community members selected the new mascot after surveying the community for mascot ideas. The Bethel School District School Board unanimously approved the new mascot this month, according to the district." (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, Nov. 22 -- Hartford Public Schools (Hartford, MI) drops Indians name and mascot on 6-1 vote of Hartford Board of Education. The Pokagon Band of Potowatomi Indians Tribal Council supported the removal after nearly 6,000 Pokagon citizens voiced opinions on the issue. (story) (saved copy of story).
2021, Dec. 7 -- Taconic High School (Pittsfield, MA) will no longer be the Braves. Offering community survey to find new mascot. (story)
2022, Jan. 11 -- Rutland (VT) High School will revert back to the old Raiders name instead of Ravens after a 6-5 vote by the Rutland City Public School's Board of Commissioners. This reverses the Oct. 21, 2020 decision to eliminate the Raiders name and arrowhead logo. (story)
2022, Jan. 11 -- Morris High School (Morris, IL) School Board votes 6-1 to replacew Redskins mascot and nickname. (story)
2022, Feb. 2 -- West Hartford (CT) high schools will no longer have Native Mascots. The school Board voted 5-2 to change the name of the Conrad Chieftains and 4-3 to change the name of the Hall Warriors. The schools had stopped using Native imagery and mascots in 2015, but kept the names at that time. (story)
2022, Feb. 2 -- The Washington National Football League Team announces that its new team name will be the Commanders. The announcement comes after two years of playing under the temporary name of the Washington Football Team. (story) (team announcement) (saved copy of announcement)
2022, March 10 -- Eleven Colorado schools have now been deemed in compliance with the Colorado law banning Native mascots and nicknames, according to a Denver Post story. The schools are: Campo Elementary School, Campo Junior/Senior High School, Community Prep School in Colorado Springs, Central High School in the Mesa Valley School District, Centennial Middle School in the Montrose County School District, Avondale Elementary School in the Pueblo County Rural 70 School District, Sanford Elementary School, Sanford Junior/Senior High School, Frederick High School in the St. Vrain Valley School District, Weldon Valley PK-6, and Weldon Valley Junior/Senior High School. Twelve schools remain officially out of compliance, and have until June 1 to change or face a $25,000 monthly fine. (story) (saved copy of story)
2022, March 11 -- The Vermont State Senate passes bill banning all race-based mascots in its public schools. The bill now moves to the Vermont House. (story) (text of bill) (saved copy of bill).
2022, March 16 -- The Montville (CT) Board of Education votes unanimously to drop the Indians nickname and mascot from Montville High School and Leonard J. Tyl Middle School. The Mohegan Tribe has offered to help with the costs of replacing the logos and uniforms. (story) (saved copy of story)
2022, March 16 -- Arrowhead Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas announces it is dropping its Apache mascot. The school had previously phased out the imagery of the mascot. (story)
2022, May 31 -- STATE of VERMONT becomes effectively the 6th state to ban all race-based mascots in its public schools (others: Maine, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Connecticut). The bill, phrased as a bill about "school branding" rather than mascots, prohibits "school branding that directly or indirectly references or stereotypes the likeness, features, symbols, traditions, or other characteristics that are specific to either the race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity of any person or group of persons or any person, group of persons, or organization associated with the repression of others". (saved copy of bill summary) (saved copy of bill's timeline) (text of original bill) (saved copy of original bill).
2022, June 22 -- Chamberlain High School (Tampa, FL) announces it is dropping its Chief mascot on a 5-1 vote of the Hillsborough County School Board. (story) (saved copy of story).
2022, Aug. 16 -- Waterloo Central Schools (Waterloo, NY) announces it will become the Tigers, replacing the Indians. (story) (saved copy of story).
2022, Sept. 15 -- Lyme Central High School (Chaumont, NY) will no longer be the Indians and will now be known as the Lakers. (story) (saved copy of story).
2022, Nov. 23 -- Port Huron School Distric (MI) announces that this will be the last year for Native mascots and nicknames in the distric. Affected school are Port Huron High School (currently Big Reds), and elementary schools Roosevelt (currently Little Reds) and Michigamme (currently Little Chiefs). A March, 2023 deadline is set for recommendations for new mascots and nicknames. (story) (saved copy of story).