University of Illinois Chief Illini mascot

Charlene Teeters holding protest sign

Introduction to screening of IN WHOSE HONOR? by University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler, 10/29/14

"Good evening everyone, and welcome. Thanks for taking time to participate in this important discussion. As you know, this week, leading up to the Minnesota-Washington football game, we at the University are doing what we do best. We are educating and convening. We are providing an opportunity for debate and civil discourse. And we are promoting tolerance, fairness, and diversity.

As I’m sure most of you here know, on behalf of the University, I have stated that the Washington football team’s nickname is offensive, and that it should be changed. For many of us, it’s hard to understand why there are some that haven’t reached that conclusion, and why there are multiple points of view when it comes to inappropriate sports mascots. And that’s why the University has been hosting a series of events over the course of this week to highlight the history of this issue, to discuss why it’s so meaningful at this point in our history, and, hopefully, to continue to drive change.

The film, “In Whose Honor?” by Jay Rosenstein, focuses on (Charlene Teters') campaign against Chief Illiniwek. This story is about more than an inappropriate mascot. It’s about culture, identity and how we are all capable of making a real difference. 

Enjoy the film.
Share what you learn with classmates, friends and colleagues.
And, please, let’s keep this important conversation moving forward . . . Thank you."
(edited for length)