photo of Vashti McCollum reading winning headline in newspaper

photo of Vashti McCollum and her son reading trial papers

Writer, Producer, Director, and Photographer
Jay Rosenstein

David Ogden Stiers

Jude Leak

Additional Editing
Jay Rosenstein


Original Music Composer
Wendy Blackstone

Additional Music Performance
Jay Rosenstein

Lighting and Videography of the Piatt County Courthouse
Julius Bolton, Tim Hartin

Additonal Videography
Kate Brickman, Nathan Keay, Abby Rhodes

Post Production Facility
Kurtis Productions

Post Production Audio
Brian Leitner

Thank you

Anka Voss and the Champaign County Historical Library
William Maher and the University of Illinois Archives
John Hoffman and the University of Illinois History Library
John Foreman and the Champaign News Gazette
Anne Robbins and the University of Illinois Law Library
Kelly Anderson
Rex Anderson
Paul Taylor
Judith Veccione
John Dessen
Loretta Dessen
Tim Hartin

Henry Szujewski

Carl Caldwell

Walt Harrington