The Amasong Chorus: Singing Out

Available from New Day Films

“A poignant and inspiring film about strong women making community through music. The film eloquently portrays the importance of forming community and having a sense of belonging, especially in the face of discrimination. An excellent video for women’s studies and gay/queer studies.”
-Tracy Ore, PhD Professor of Women’s Studies
St. Cloud State University

“A testimony to the transformative power of music and community, the film documents how progressive grass-roots social change can and does happen. Filmmaker Jay Rosenstein dismantles homophobia by speaking to heart and mind, queer and straight, men and women. An excellent classroom tool for courses in communications, sociology, sexualities, gender and urban studies. Superlative.”
-Ginna Husting, PhD Professor of Sociology
Boise State University

“An outstanding reflection of the struggles of being a gay activist and a performing artist in the mid-west”
-Paula Reider, PhD Professor of History and former Amasong member, University of Nebraska

“Tells a monumental and fascinating story of activism through the arts.”
-Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

“Powerful in delightfully subtle ways.”
-The Advocate

“Amasong’ is a heart-warming, musically beautiful, socially moving must-see!”
-The Champaign News-Gazette

cover of The Amasong Chorus: Singing Out